Corporate Finance

Solutions to help companies grow and access capital

Wentworth originates and syndicates corporate transactions across a range of industries and sizes. Our securities team complement the corporate team with vast experience working on, and facilitating corporate transactions via wealth management, family office and institutional clients.

Wentworth work with specific corporate partners to meet client’s needs, with a range of services including:

  • Private equity
  • Early-stage fund raisings and listings
  • Takeovers, mergers and reverse takeovers
  • Convertible debt instruments
  • Equity instruments
  • Initial corporate structuring
  • Capital raising management

Wentworth have syndicated over 100 transactions , working with both leading brokers and the best boutiques in Australia.
During the past 18 months, Wentworth originated the following transactions:

  • $5m pre IPO for Ultraserve
  • $10m in capital raised for Ag and Food Technology start-ups (Partnership with Sparklabs Cultiv8)
  • $3m placement for First Wave Technology
  • $5.5m Placement for Total Synergy