Multi Asset Class Portfolios

The solution to managing your core wealth over time

MAP is a unique approach to managing a “Core” part of a client’s wealth. Since inception in 2012, MAP has delivered a set of diversified, multi asset portfolio for clients, that has consistently outperformed its objective returns. The key objectives in creating MAP was to offer clients a simple way of accessing a diversified portfolio, matched to their risk profile, that was actively managed and structured, avoiding the fees and costs typically associated with a managed solution.

Benefits of using MAP to manage your core wealth include:

  • Diversification across all asset classes
  • Remaining informed regarding portfolio changes and reasoning
  • Updates on the outlook for markets backed by leading research
  • Retaining full beneficial ownership of all investments
  • No entry or exit fees, and daily liquidity through solely ASX listed investments
  • Full online reporting via desktop and App Store
  • The ability to switch between risk profiles at any time or customise your investments
  • Monthly dividends and the ability to add or withdrawal funds at any time.
  • No forms, contracts or time commitments
  • Industry low fee structure

MAP suits individual investors or Financial Planners seeking a bespoke solution for high net worth clients.

M-Ap Graphic_V51
    Rolling Performance* Since Inception (August 2012)
Portfolio Month Quarter 6 Months Year 2 Years (p.a.) Annualised Absolute
Multi-Asset Portfolio- Conservative 4.76% -6.79% -3.53% 1.17% 4.80% 9.6% 74.3%
Multi-Asset Portfolio- Balanced 5.03% -11.75% -7.85% -3.10% 2.64% 11.5% 88.9%
Multi-Asset Portfolio- Growth 5.10% -14.7% -9.74% -4.37% 2.37% 13.4% 1036%
Multi-Asset Portfolio- High Growth 6.21% -15.39% -9.7% -4.01% 3.00% 15.7% 1216%
S&P/ASX 200 Accumulation Index ** 8.78% -20.32% -15.48% -9.06% 0.20% 10.6% 82.2%
*As at 30 April 2020 **XJOAI ASX200 plus dividends              


“Wentworth's unique approach to multi-asset portfolio has provided significant benefits for our high net worth clients. With strong returns and control over our portfolio, Wentworth provides a transparent and active approach, with detailed information on the macro and outlook for all asset classes. We appreciate the open access to the manager and the research providers, adding to our advice framework”

- MBA Wealth Solutions