Wealth Management

For investors looking to build their wealth

Wentworth’s Wealth Management team provides tailored investment solutions to sophisticated and professional investors, family offices and financial intermediaries. Backed by leading independent macroeconomic research, our trading and investment strategies are developed using disciplined and thorough investment processes and analysis, resulting in high conviction recommendations, that are proactively delivered.

Wentworth Wealth Management’s core business is investment services: portfolio management, wealth planning and sourcing growth opportunities. However, it is our experience and execution strategy that differentiates us from traditional Wealth Managers in Australia.

Wentworth’s Wealth Management team works closely with each client to understand their needs and objectives, before providing tailored and individualised investment advice. Each client has different goals, appetite for risk, time frames and objectives, and Wentworth prides itself on delivering investment advice which not only reflects the unique client, but importantly delivers on expectations.


Our advisors hold in depth knowledge and have participated across all investment cycles, with broad experience analysing both small and large cap companies. They possess a deep understanding of macroeconomics, with personal connections across the investment community, within Australia and globally.


Whilst Broker Company Research has become a commodity, information has not. Our relationships allow us to source both mainstream and boutique research, along with independent industry sources. When coupled and applied alongside the Wentworth team’s significant experience, our advisors are able to filter information and research, which is most relevant to our clients.

Corporate Deal Flow

Our deep and personal relationships with the Australian and international investment community, allow us to access a broad range of corporate deal flow opportunities on behalf of our clients, from across the market, in both listed and unlisted shares, and boutique fund offerings.


Services for Financial Planners (IFA) and Accountants

We offer investment consulting services which deliver unbiased investment opinions. Suited to professionals who are seeking an external opinion on a client’s position, or to utilise our area of expertise, we model and compare their clients’ portfolios and create customised investment solutions, potentially adding value to the underlying client relationship.


Through our relationship with FinClear Services, we provide clients with cost effective access to more than 32 international markets including the United States, United Kingdom and major European and Asian markets.

Trade Execution Services

For those seeking to make their own investment decisions, our advisors offer trade execution where no advice is required. We provide assistance with account opening and professional trade execution, followed by timely reporting.

Multi-Asset Class Portfolios (MAP)

Multi-Asset Class Portfolios allow us to manage a “Core” part of a client’s wealth. The approach is unique as our portfolio investments are entirely ASX listed, actively managed, risk profiled, research backed, non-discretionary, and constructed using Exchange Traded Funds, with industry low fees. Strong returns have been generated over their 7-year + history, with the MAP core complimenting the satellite opportunities we offer clients. For more information on Wentworth’s MAP Portfolios please Click Here.

    Rolling Performance* Since Inception (August 2012)
Portfolio Month Quarter 6 Months Year 2 Years (p.a.) Annualised Absolute
Multi-Asset Portfolio- Conservative 4.76% -6.79% -3.53% 1.17% 4.80% 9.6% 74.3%
Multi-Asset Portfolio- Balanced 5.03% -11.75% -7.85% -3.10% 2.64% 11.5% 88.9%
Multi-Asset Portfolio- Growth 5.10% -14.7% -9.74% -4.37% 2.37% 13.4% 1036%
Multi-Asset Portfolio- High Growth 6.21% -15.39% -9.7% -4.01% 3.00% 15.7% 1216%
S&P/ASX 200 Accumulation Index ** 8.78% -20.32% -15.48% -9.06% 0.20% 10.6% 82.2%
*As at 30 April 2020 **XJOAI ASX200 plus dividends